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The Return and the Conflagration of Ideas

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After a looooooong hiatus, methinks its about time to start working on this lil' blog of mine once again. I've been trying to ignite the blogging mojo again, however i always get distracted by other more pressing issues. Well in the near future i can promise more updates and i'll try to keep this space occupied. 

No seriously, more posts coming soon! Exams are around the corner so bear with me for a bit.

On the 31st of July, 32 Advertlets bloggers had the privilege to preview the All-New Honda Freed, together with the renowned automotive blogger, Paul Tan of paultan.org and his teammate, Harvinder Singh. They shared some insightful tips on how to appropriately assess and test a car.

The Honda Freed, unveiled in April 2010, is Honda's attempt at carving a special niche in an untapped market segment of the automobile industry called the premium compact MPV. As a vehicle that offers both practicality and versatility, the Honda Freed is an exemplary introduction to the market and is an ideal choice for groups such as young, urban families. Offering up a range of unrivalled features such as dual automatic sliding doors, walk-through cabin and flat floor design, the All-new Honda Freed has made an impact on the automobile industry. 

Under a creative marketing theme entitled '4-Seater + Ideas', the ultra-modern Honda Freed is capable of seating 7 passengers comfortably and offers a bevy of ideas to the occupants to suit any individual's driving needs. Today, there are already more than 300 units of the Honda Freed on the road. Honda Malaysia believes that their latest contemporary compact premium MPV will introduce great value to the market, as well as satisfying the demand for a stylish yet practical MPV.

The test drive route was mapped out starting at SOULed Out in Desa Sri Hartamas to Putrajaya Waterpark, covering a total distance of 80km, with 4 bloggers allocated to 1 Honda Freed. Everyone got the chance to experience the driving dynamics and the fuel efficiency of the Honda Freed with the drivers switching every 20km. This also meant that the bloggers got the opportunity to test the Honda Freed on both city roads as well as highway driving.

The bloggers gathered at SOULed Out for a briefing on the Honda Freed as well as the route information. Light refreshments were served as the Honda team went through the itinerary for the day while preparations were made for departure. 

Here are some photos thanks to Jason @ mynjayz.com!

The 8 test units of the Honda Freed made available to the bloggers to drive. 

The occupants of car no. 7, HanieHidayah, EricYong and me (Jason ambik gambar).

AAAAAAND THEY'RE OFF! (L-R: Mr. Toru Takahashi, Managing Director and CEO of Honda Malaysia and Ms.Monique Low, Head of Public Relations of Honda Malaysia)

The next stop of the test drive route was at Hentian Seri Kembangan, where the groups stopped for a short break as well as to perform a driver change. 

A rear view of the Honda Freed w/ the both automatic sliding doors open.

L-R: Paul Tan, Monique Low and Harvinder Singh.

Great photo of the convoy, credits to Jason Ong AGAIN!

The day was not without its share of fun activities and games. Each Honda Freed was equipped with a polaroid camera and 2 cartridges of film, and a challenge entitled '4 Seater + Ideas' was carried out. 

Objective: Using a polaroid camera and 20 slides of film, teams were to take creative shots  using the concept of the theme '4 Seater + Ideas'. The 10 best shots for each team would be selected and there would be a chance to win prizes wooohoooo! Winners would be determined in 3 categories; Group, Individual and Best Fuel Consumption. Kudos to the organizers for keeping the day fun-filled and eliminating monotony. 

Some of the polaroid photos, credits to Jason!

Here are some of the specification of the Honda Freed which basically is everything you need to know (and more than some LOL!)

4 Seater + Style

- Automatic Dual Sliding Doors with Remote Control for easy access

- Forward Tilting Hinge Front Door to avoid accidental knocks

- Easy Access and Low Tail Gate Opening for easy loading and easy access

- One Step Low Floor with Grip Assist for elderly and handicapped easy access

4 Seater + Technology

- High Rigidity Structure for better handling and stability on the road

- Suspension System with front McPherson Strut & rear H-Shape Torsion Beam

- Small Turning Radius of 5.2m

- Active Lock-Up System

- 5 speed AT and Drive by Wire

4 Seater + Space

- Walkthrough Cabin with a 200mm walkway for easy access

- Big Cargo Capacity

- 3rd Row Foldable Seats that folds up in 3 steps easily

- Flat Roof and Flat Floor creates more head room and cabin space

4 Seater + Observation

- Tilt Steering for different driver’s needs

- Multi Layer Meter Cluster display all necessary information

- Double DIN Stereo System with radio, MP3, CD Player + USB and AUX for iPod and other digital media players

- Foot Parking Brake

4 Seater + Safety

- JNCAP (Japan New Car Assessment Program) Rating at the highest of 6 Stars

- Dual Front SRS Airbags

- ABS: Anti-lock Braking System

- EBD: Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

- BA: Brake Assist

- Fuel Lid Auto Lock Safety System prevents the sliding door from opening fully when the fuel lid is open

- Shift Hold Control + Grade Logic Control

- G-Force Control (G-CON) Technology

4 Seater + Utilities

- Backrest Hook

- Glove Box

- Glove Box Card Holder

- Front Seat Back Pocket

- Illuminated Centre Tray

- Large Door Pockets

- Cup Holders – Total of 7!

4 Seater + Accessories (Optional Items)

- Tail Gate Spoiler

- Fog Lights

- Door Visors

- Cargo Tray

- Child Seat

- GPS Navigation

The bloggers headed back to SOULed Out for a debriefing, lunch and the prize giving session. Here are some of the photos.

The winners of the fuel efficiency contest.

The 1st runners-up of the group category (L-R: Paultan, Jason, Eric, me, Hanie and Monique Low)

In my opinion, the Honda Freed does very well in its respective category. Being a compact premium MPV, the Honda Freed does not lose out on space and due to its design, its capable of making the transition from carrying a full load of passengers or increasing storage space. Besides that, the 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine, which is capable of producing 118PS @ 6600rpm, produces a good balance between performance and fuel economy. 
Also, the increased rigidity of the Honda Freed as well as the small turning radius of 5.2m makes maneuvering through the city and around corners a cinch. The high safety standards of Honda vehicles is showcased in the sliding automatic doors and the forward tilting front hinge doors. The new speed transmission technology ensures that the Honda Freed does not lose power or control while maneuvering around corners. Despite being slightly underpowered (which can be felt while driving on highways), I personally think that the Honda Freed performs beyond expectations and is in a class of its own.  

For more information regarding the Honda Freed, visit Honda Malaysia's website @ http://www.honda.com.my

Once again, thank you Honda and Advertlets for giving us the opportunity to test out such an exemplary and exciting vehicle! 


Skellington Obsession

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The Nightmare before Christmas is one of my favourite movies of all time. As a kid i used to be crazy about everything that was even associated with the movie. Now the obsession has sparked up again because i was finally able to get my hands on the movie (the wonders of filesharing and torrent!). 


I'd definitely buy these. Must. Sangap dah.

Move over Slash.

Now, i think these are pretty cool too. However, imagine if you're really skinny and you have these tattoos, it'll look like a skeleton bursting out of another skeleton. Lame.

Farking style la bro!

OK, made up my mind. Off to the magical world of online shopping! Bye....HEeehahAHhhaheHEHAHEE!

Gather round children, the Toys are back!

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10 years after Toy Story 2 (and 15 years since the original Toy Story), Disney Pixar brings Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang back to the big screen! OMG OMG OMG!!!! As someone who grew up with Disney cartoons and movies, how can I not be super-exciterered??? WoOWwoWOo! 

In this installment Andy is all grown up and is preparing to depart for college. This presents a problem for his old-but-faithful toys as they are uncertain about Andy's need for them. However, Woody is the only one that remains optimistic about Andy's feelings for them, and relentlessly attempts to persuade the rest of the gang that they have to be there for Andy whatever happens. This leads to the toys finding themselves in a day care centre, run by a cute and cuddly bear toy, and soon thereafter they find that they've stumbled upon a dark secret which leads to their attempt of a great escape (reminds me of that 1960s movie The Great Escape). This is not left unaccompanied by the hilarious antics of the toys as well as the adorable new characters as well as beautifully rendered 3D graphics. 

Adverlets bloggers enjoyed the privilege of watching the movie a WEEK before it was released (even the world premiere!) so we had to hand over our electronics (mobile phone, laptops, cameras etc) such was our privilege MUAHAHAHA!! Before the show started there was the press launch, and they even flew Woody and Buzz all the way from HongKong to attend the conference!

Here are some concept art for the Toy Story fans to enjoy.

LOVING the colours. 

Hahaha this is so cute!

As you can see, the vibrant colours as well as the trademark cute and quirky characters look real promising. This show (the whole trilogy actually) is gonna be one of those anthologies that you would wanna buy the special limited edition box-set with holographic cover and illustrative booklet just to keep the fond memories and the simple joy of being able to watch anytime, anywhere.

I can't bring myself to spoil the movie for you guys, so i'm just gonna upload some screencaps from the movie itself. To those who haven't managed to watch it yet (which undoubtedly 90% of you guys should've already LoL), don't worry these images WON'T spoil the movie for you guys k?

Oh wait, i'm having a problem uploading images from the press kit CD here. Dang. Guess i have to curi from Hanie's blog =.=

Woody trying to convince the rest of the toys that Andy still wants them.

The toys are in awe at the first glimpse of Sunnyside DayCare.

Lotso (new character!) showing the toys around the daycare.

I thought the interaction between Barbie and Ken was brilliant!

To those who have not taken time off to catch Toy Story 3, PLEASE DO SO ASAP! IMHO, one of the best films from DisneyPixar and a MUST-WATCH movie this year. I, for one would not mind watching this movie 2, 3, or even 4 times. It's just one of those movies you won't get tired of. On a scale of 1 to 10, i'd say......."To Infinity....and Beyond!"


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You laying next to me, i can feel you breathe.

You laying next to me, with that familiar expression on your features.

You laying next to me, as the sunlight peeks through the curtains.

You laying next to me, i ask myself "What else matters?"

All i want is to just hold you tighter and tender, as time stands still, your hair tickling my cheeks.

And i realize that everything that's happened so far was worth it

Dreams on LSD

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I'm walking through a golden forest with cute furry jungle creatures frolicking about my feet. Chipmunks, raccoons, badgers, snakes ( o.o ), hamsters etc. In lil squeaky voices they announce "Come Zenny! Come experience the wonders of the forest together with us!" They proceed to carry me on their tiny paws towards a shining light in the middle of the forest, singing songs along the way. 

Cute furry animals.

Eventually we reach a clearing. I look around and the cute furry jungle creatures are gone. Instead, there are things (?) lying on the grass and rolling about. A dodo bird, Sasquatch/Bigfoot, Super Mario and 2 jelly blobs. Suddenly the sky turns dark and a volcano erupts in the distance. The lava spews forth from the volcano and in an instant it is burning everything in our sight. The dodo bird makes a weird clucking noise and suddenly transforms into a pterodactyl and takes all of us onto it's back and takes us into the skies. 

The jelly blobs (minus the jar)


Instantly the world is upside down so that the sky is the ground and the ground is the sky. Super Mario shouts (with this accent ROFL) "Don't worry, Mario is here!" and begins jumping around and hitting bricks with his head and coins start falling from the sky(ground?) and suddenly the world is upright again WTF? Bigfoot/Sasquatch then proceeds to act like King Kong and climbs a nearby tree carrying the two jelly blobs and Super Mario (the dodo bird flew away).

And suddenly i'm in my room again. I look around for awhile, and my phone rings. I answer, and guess what, its Miss HanieHidayah. She asks me how am i doing and i'm like wtf, i just saw you a few hours ago. She then tells me that she has migrated to Australia alone and has found a new boyfriend and has plans to start a family (SUPER IMBA WTF!). Before i can say anything she hangs up and i'm stun cock for a few moments then decide to fly to Australia to see her and try to talk her out of it. 

The next thing i know, i feel the blankets being thrown off me and i can hear my mom's voice shouting "Eh sau mung kai! Wake up lar! 2pm already la sozhai!"


Well i'm sure there was more but that's all i could remember. Man i love these kinda dreams.

What was your weirdest dream?

Converse Star x David Corio

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So like, this famous photographer, David Corio flew down to for a showcase of his art. The event Converse Star x David Corio held at Zinc Space, Bangsar. Byknyer ppl from the media and fashion industry attended, and me walking around mcm malu jer wearing normal pants and t-shirt...lol! Thanks to HanieHanie for the invite~~

Johnny Ramone from The Ramones

The masses checking out David Corio's potraits and photographs.

L-R: Hanie, me, Rebecca

Converse's Blondie sneakers! Coolnezz! Hanie was like 'Noooooo i want!!!'

Converse's The Clash highcuts! 

Kinda got lazy to take photos after awhile. Was busy walking around to look at David Corio's awesome photographs of singers/actors/celebrities. Now regret doing so coz i can't share those imba piccy's with you guys...T-T

Next time fo'shizzle ma nizzle.